Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing


The way people work and interact is changing – colleagues working remotely using low-cost software platforms, collaborating on projects delivering significant cost savings and enhanced productivity. This is not the future – this is now.

The widespread deployment of unified communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams & Zoom have heralded a boom in complimentary technologies – 4K video cameras & superb low-cost microphone/speaker systems – that are transforming a new way of working. The days of expensive and difficult to use in-room video conferencing systems seem a distant memory.

Video-conferencing offers a wide range of benefits, which include:

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Increased productivity across dispersed workforces
  • Improved hiring/retention of top talent
  • Faster decision making
  • Sustained competitive advantages
  • Support for environmental initiatives
  • Integral to unified communication strategy

Solutions are available for every room type from huddle spaces to Boardrooms with an array of cameras, microphones and speakers to suit.  Our key partner Logitech has seen unprecedented demand for their products which include Meetup – an all in one conference cam for small meeting spaces or huddle rooms – and Tap, a sleek 10.1” touch display with one-touch join bringing ease and convenience to online meetings.