Digital Signage

Digital Signage


What is digital signage? A simple explanation would be that it is a system that puts messaging on a screen. However, the devil is in the detail – the type of screen, message and delivery mechanism vary widely depending upon the application and it is vital you receive the correct advice.

There are many examples of digital signage applications – large outdoor displays, transport-related, business-to-business, room signage, operation and call centres, retail and informational. Indeed, the need to deliver dynamic, targeted messages in an innovative, exciting and informative way has never been more important.

Digital signage systems are often used in corporate reception areas to communicate with and inform visitors. Information can be tailored and scheduled for different applications delivering the right message to a specific target audience. Additionally, digital signage can, when integrated with call centre telephony systems, provide real-time data display – keeping staff notified of performance statistics, coupled with instant team messaging.

Whether it is using a hardware server, cloud-based software or via the screen in-built media player, we have the expertise to design, install and maintain any system for you.

Managing your digital signage system couldn’t be easier, with most systems now capable of integration within your existing network – providing simple content upload and remote management. Here’s a far from exhaustive list of the features digital signage can make available to you:

  • Announcements & Instructions
  • Meeting & Room Schedules
  • Emergency information
  • Community Development
  • Restaurant/Canteen Menus
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Real-time data
  • Training