Audio-Visual Maintenance

At Maxim, we understand that the work isn’t over once the installation is complete. Our clients rely on our maintenance services to ensure their equipment and systems continue to operate at peak performance. Indeed, ongoing maintenance support is crucial to safeguarding performance and maximising effectiveness.

24/7 telephone technical support
Rapid response & total repair
Refresher training
Maintenance vists
Fully trained & skilled technicians
Workshop repair
Equipment loan
Software updates & Service activity reports

Professionals in Audio-Visual Maintenance

Committed to service excellence

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and ensuring that your audio-visual systems keep performing and are well maintained is of paramount importance.

Resolving technical issues in the swiftest possible manner is critical to our continued business success. With a range of maintenance agreements available with some including same day response, we can tailor our service offering to your individual needs.

An often overlooked but vital part of our service offering is our routine preventative maintenance visit which is designed to minimise the risk of system downtime and to keep your investment in tip top condition.

However, in the unlikely event that something stops working – we accept that things do go wrong from time to time – we are there for you. No frustrating, costly and time consuming call centres. No waiting for tickets or service response. A friendly voice on the end of the phone with a plan of action to help you.

Our service doesn’t stop there

On going product support

Ensuring that our customers can use the audio-visual systems we have supplied is vitally important. What good is an audio-visual presentation system if it is too complicated to use? Sometimes the nature of the system or the product itself has a degree of complexity but we want you to feel comfortable using it. Of course we design our systems to be as easy to use as possible and provide post-installation training, but often that knowledge can be forgotten over time or lost when staff leave.

We offer a range of training packages designed to give you the skills and knowledge to enable your next presentation to be completely stress free.

Alternatively, if you have a question about a product and need a quick answer, just give us a call and we’ll help you as much as we can.

Hardware repair

You don’t have to have a maintenance support contract with us to experience our quality service – even if you have purchased an AV system or product from someone else and would like us to take a look at it, we will be only too happy to help. A single point of contact for you, whatever the problem. An engineer on time, polite and courteous, and determined to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Dealing with manufacturers and their contracted service agents can be a time consuming and frustrating process but with many years of service experience at Maxim, we know who to call and what to do. We can even provide loan equipment while we fix your faulty unit.

In short, the focus of our maintenance service is simple: to enable you to continue with your presentations.

That’s your priority and it’s ours too.