Room Control

Room Control


With all audio-visual system installations, ease of use is the key.

Attempting to operate even the most basic of systems can be complicated and it becomes almost impossible when the systems are complex multimedia environments.

The introduction of a control system resolves any operator issues you may have – a single user interface with clearly defined buttons does away with multiple remote controls.

In simple terms, a control system typically consists of a user interface – a push button or touch screen panel/tablet, a system processor that communicates with the devices (screen, amplifier, lighting etc.) and bespoke programming.

A typical room control system would facilitate:

  • System on/off – multiple commands on initialisation
  • Source selection e.g. computer, laptop 1/2, TV, video conferencing
  • Audio control – up/down/mute
  • Display control – projector or LCD screen on/off, image mute
  • Projection screen – up/down
  • Environment control – room blinds, lighting, air conditioning